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Hot Water Heater Repairs for Bellevue, WA

Your home relies on its hot water heater to produce enough warm water for showers, laundry, and washing dishes among other activities. If you have noticed that your water heater isn’t reaching the right temperatures, get in touch with the plumbing contractors at Acclaim Plumbing & Drain Inc. We serve residents in the Bellevue, WA area with their hot water heater repairs. Next time your water runs cold or you see the water heater leaking, get maintenance repairs done immediately.

When to Get Water Heater Maintenance Repairs

When you notice issues with your water heater, you should get maintenance repairs right away. If you choose to wait, the problem may escalate and cost you more down the line. We are at your service 24 hours a day seven days a week to ensure we can meet your needs even in an emergency. There are some common signs you should be familiar with if you want to be prepared to spot deficiencies.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, get it professionally inspected to ensure your water heater is working at optimum capacity:

  • Hot water heater leaking
  • Water from your sink never gets hot
  • Pipes have begun to emit strange odors
  • Oddly colored water – most commonly brown or sulfurous
  • Rumbling or whistling noises when you turn on the hot water
  • It takes longer than usual for water to get hot
  • Water gets warm, but either it isn’t as hot or never gets hot

Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Although hot water heaters are robust machines that can withstand years of use, it’s important not to neglect them if they show signs of deterioration. We are available day and night to inspect your water heater for issues if you live near Bellevue, WA. Whether it is an electric or gas water heater, our expert technicians are trained to make maintenance repairs. No matter what brand or model of appliance you have, we have the skills and equipment needed to get it working properly again. Don’t hesitate to get your hot water heater repaired in a timely manner.

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The certified technicians at Acclaim Plumbing & Drain Inc. are available to inspect you water heater and perform quality repairs. Since 1992 we have created a strong position in our industry and created long-held relationships with the local community. We have consistently delivered quality customer service and an unmatched commitment to providing exceptional repair services. Call us at 253-202-4446 if you live near Bellevue, WA or the surrounding neighborhoods and want to schedule repair services.

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