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Trusted Sewer Line Service & Repairs in Tacoma, WA

The last thing anyone wants to do is deal with is a sewer drain that isn’t working well. Regardless of the reason, a backed-up sewer drain is something to have taken care of as soon as you suspect there’s a problem before it gets worse. Sewer line repairs and sewer drain cleaning are jobs for a professional plumber. In Tacoma, WA you can trust the sewer line experts at Acclaim Plumbing & Drain Inc. Our plumbers have the training and experience necessary to handle any issues you’re having with your home’s plumbing system. From minor updates to major system repairs, our team is ready to respond and get your plumbing functioning like it should.

How Can I Tell There Are Issues With My Sewer Drain?

Plumbing problems, no matter how minor, create a lot of stress. That stress is compounded when it has to do with your home’s sewer drain. Fortunately, you have the pros at Acclaim Plumbing & Drain Inc., who service the Tacoma area. Our plumbers can accurately diagnose the issues and identify if a sewer drain cleaning is in order or if sewer line repairs are in order. Once they have provided you with a solution that will get your home’s plumbing back to normal, our plumbers will get to work.
If you suspect there’s something wrong with your sewer main, we recommend that you address the problem as quickly as possible to prevent it from worsening. To determine whether or not you need the help of a professional plumber, you can look out for these things:

  • An odor of wastewater in your yard
  • Sewage stench emitting from your drains
  • Wastewater from the dishwasher comes up through your kitchen sink
  • Wastewater coming up through your bathtub drain
  • Toilets, sinks, and bathtubs draining slower than usual

If you notice any of these occurrences, then contact Acclaim Plumbing & Drain Inc. Our professionals will be able to assess the situation and take care of the problem. They will discuss their findings with you and advise on the best way to fix the issue. Once they have your approval, they will get to work on cleaning your sewer drain and ensuring your plumbing is once again in working order.

Sewer Drain Cleaning in Tacoma

Sewer lines should be cleaned out by a professional every eighteen to twenty-two months to ensure your home’s plumbing is in optimal condition. This practice will not only provide you with functioning sewer lines, but it will alleviate stress and prolong the life of your home’s plumbing. The plumbers will Acclaim Plumbing & Drain Inc. offer our customers in Tacoma peace of mind.

We Repair Your Sewer Line

Older homes in the Tacoma, WA area may be particularly susceptible to problematic plumbing, so it’s a good idea to have the number of a trusted expert on hand. Acclaim Plumbing & Drain Inc. has a team of expertly trained plumbers who can take on sewer lines repairs as well as any other residential plumbing problems.

Established neighborhoods in Tacoma are blessed with beautiful trees and bushes that add to the appeal of the area, but also shield homes from the sun, wind and snow. These bushes and trees are a common issue when it comes to sewer lines becoming damaged and in need of repairs. Roots have a tendency to grow into plumbing pipes because they are naturally drawn to water. When tree roots grow toward the path of your pipes, they can place pressure on them and grow their way into the seams. Roots can obstruct the flow of your sewer pipes by collecting debris, and over time, your pipes are completely blocked. If not removed properly, roots will increase in size, cracking pipes and causing sewer line breaks in your yard.

Call Acclaim Plumb & Drain Inc. for Help

Whether you need your sewer drain cleaned or your sewer line repairs, call Acclaim Plumbing & Drain Inc. today.

Our experienced sewer repair contractors will be able to resolve the issues and fix any problems that you are having with your homes’ plumbing. We are Tacoma’s favorite plumbing service, so rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with our licensed and insured professionals.

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